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By: Hill David

Price: $45.00

Publisher: William Heinemann, 2008

Edition: First Edition

As New condition. "Never before or since has there been an experiment quite as bold as this. Eleven of the tiniest ships sailed for eight months over the roughest of seas, carrying fifteen hundred people, food for two years and all the equipment needed to build a colony of convicts in a land completely beyond their experience and imagination. In Portsmouth the fleet's preparation was characterised by disease, promiscuity and death. The journey itself was one of unbea... View more info


By: Kennedy Ludovic, Compiled By

Price: $16.00

Publisher: Fontana, 1982

Edition: Reprint

Good condition. View more info

Image for A Manual of the Mollusca Being A Treatise on Recent and Fossil Shells

A Manual of the Mollusca Being A Treatise on Recent and Fossil Shells

By: Woodward, S.P.

Price: $50.00

Publisher: London, Crosby, Lockwood and Co., 1880

Edition: 4th Edition

A Manual of the Mollusca Being A Treatise on Recent and Fossil Shells - Fourth edition - With An Appendix of Recent and Fossil Conchological Discoveries by Ralph Tate. Faults? the first few pages are held by the barest thread. Masses of bw illustration, the book is paginated in sections, approx 5-600pp. On the spine is a remnant pasted, bookshop label?? View more info


By: Callison Brian

Price: $18.00

Publisher: Collins, London, 1976

Edition: First Edition

Unclipped dust jacket, nice first edition. Name stamp in front. clean pages View more info

Image for A thousand miles in the Rob Roy Canoe on rivers and lakes of Europe

A thousand miles in the Rob Roy Canoe on rivers and lakes of Europe

By: MacGregor, J

Price: $40.00

Publisher: London, Samson Low Marston & Co,

John MacGregor, aka Rob Roy - The first ever recreational paddler. Looking back on the history of paddling, MacGregor seems to be the first paddler who recorded his adventures on paper and who went out on the water with the primary goal of pure enjoyment. Later in his life he also helped found the first ever paddling association, the Royal Canoe Club of England. checkout paddleworlddcomfor a fascinating snapshot of the author's life & of course paddles. 255pp plus a cat... View more info


By: N/A

Price: $28.00

Publisher: Hydrographic Department, Admiralty, 1960

Very Good condition. Inscription on front cover. Clean cover, a little yellowed. Clean pages and tight binding. Clean compressed page edge. View more info


By: Gentile Gary

Price: $23.00

Publisher: Cornell Maritime Press, 1988

Edition: First Edition

Very Good condition. View more info

Image for All at sea on land: and First Lady ten years on

All at sea on land: and First Lady ten years on

By: Cottee, Kay

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Random House, 1998

292pp, 2 photo sections, 750g to post. On 5 June 1988, Kay Cottee fulfilled her childhood dream - to become the first woman in history to complete a solo, nonstop and unassisted sailing voyage around the world. Now, a decade on, Kay candidly fills in the details of her life since that historic achievement, painting an inspiring portrait of one of Australia's greatest women. Kay's book has been written to answer many of the questions she is constantly asked as she criss-... View more info


By: Stead C.K.

Price: $18.00

Publisher: Harvill Press, 1984

Edition: First Edition

Very Good condition. View more info

ALMA DOEPEL The History of An Australian Schooner 1903-1975

By: McDonell Captain Ralph

Price: $85.00

Publisher: R. McDonell Australia,

Inscription: Signed by Ships Captain

Signed by Ships captain and dated 1990. Book is in very good condition with plastic sleeve for protection. The "Alma Doepel" was built of timber from the forests of the Bellinger Valley in northern NSW, the design being sketched by Frederick Doepel on his kitchen table. The ship had a long history of trading in the waters of Bass Strait and the Tasman Sea as well as seeing the war out with the Australian Army. Rescued as a floating hulk in 1976 the Alma Doep... View more info

Amphibious Warfare An Illustrated History

By: Polmar, Norman & Mersky, Peter

Price: $70.00

Publisher: UK, Blandford Press, 1988

192 pp & 900g for posting, lots of b/w pics throughout. Contents >> A GREAT SOURCE OF INFORMATION CHRONICLING DEVELOPMENT OF AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULT, FEATURING NUMEROUS PHOTOGRAPHS, MAPS, GLOSSARY & APPENDICES, ALONG WITH A DETAILED TEXT. Book has 3 appendices & a select bibliography. review >>> . . .really a rather interesting book which covers the subject well. View more info

Anatomy of a Naval Disaster: The 1746 French Expedition to North America

By: Pritchard, James

Price: $42.00

Publisher: Canada, McGill Queen's University Press, 1995

322 pp, 900g packed for post. This is an account of one of the most ambitious and catastrophic French naval expeditions in the 18th century, resulting in the deaths of up to 8000 men. It exposes the ambitions and frailties of men, the arbitrariness of success, and the limits of power in the 18th century. Intended as a riposte to the Anglo-American capture of Loisbourg in 1745, the so-called d'Enville expedition set out from France the following year to secure Canada, rec... View more info

Antarctic Survival

By: Swan, Robert

Price: $25.00

Publisher: UK, Macdonald, 1987

Should you ever be marooned in the chilly Antarctic then let's hope you had the foresight to purchase this signed book. Col photos, maps, diagrams (maybe even recipes if you have to eat one of your colleagues, who knows, they may be thinking the same thing - get in first!) 47pp View more info

Image for At War At Sea Sailors and Naval Warfare in the twentieth Century

At War At Sea Sailors and Naval Warfare in the twentieth Century

By: Spector, Ronald

Price: $30.00

Publisher: UK, Allen Lane, 2001

Edition: 1st

ex NE Ed & Lit Board (appears to have been a ref work not for borrowing), 1kg & 463 crisp pp, Naval historian Ronald Spector explores every facet of the past one hundred years of naval warfare. Drawing from more than one hundred diaries, memoirs, letters, and interviews, this is, above all, a masterful narrative of the human side of combat at sea-real stories told from the point of view of the sailors who experienced it. review >>> "Monumental . . ." (The Washi... View more info

Image for Boat building techniques Illustrated

Boat building techniques Illustrated

By: Birmingham, Richard

Price: $40.00

Publisher: UK, Adlard Coles Ltd, London, 1985

Sound woodworking skills are essential when building a boat from scratch or just completing a hull, whether it is made of steel, aluminum, GRP or any form of wooden construction. This highly illustrated book will help any aspiring boat builder decide what materials and tools to use and how to use them. Richard Birmingham's classic text covers the wide range of techniques and skills needed when constructing a boat, from interpreting the plans to hints on working different... View more info